Department of Computer Science and Engineering Summer Camps

We are pleased to announce the tentative schedule for our summer camp programs in Denton and Frisco.  Please note that this schedule is subject to change pending grant funding and registration levels.

The grades mentioned for the population are based on your student’s enrollment grade for Fall 2019.  For example, 8th – 12th grades means students who will be in 8th through 12th grades in the Aug/Sept 2019 timeframe.

We plan to open Registration at noon on March 21, 2019.  Check back here for registration links at that time.


RoboCamp introduces students to both hardware platforms and software development tools. Students will assemble a multi-purpose robot from a kit and then learn to interact with and control various sensors, motors and related components.

Date June 17-21
Location Frisco
Population Co-ed, 7th-12th Grades
Limit 24
Cost $300


AppCamp teaches students about Mobile App development for Android devices using AppInventor – a tool developed by Google and supported by MIT.

Date June 24-28
Location Frisco
Population Co-ed, 7th-12th Grades
Limit 24
Cost $300

Animation & Games Camp

The Animation & Games camp teaches Computer Science-related topics with an emphasis on design and programming skills applied to creativity in virtual world environments.

Date July 15-19
Location Frisco
Population Co-ed, 7th-12th Grades
Limit 24
Cost $300

Internet of Things (IoT) Camp

The Internet of Things (IoT) camp will focus on applying programming skills and ideas to create a simple IoT application.

Dates July 8-12
July 15-19
Location Denton & Frisco
Population Co-ed, 9th-12th Grades and College Freshman
Limits 20 / Camp
Cost $300 / Camp

Texas Workforce Commission Camps (Girls Only)

Grant funding pending.

The TWC camps encompass a variety of topics ranging from robotics, apps, animation and games, to computer science fashion design.

Dates June 10-14
June 17-21
June 24-28
July 1-5
July 8-12
July 15-19
Location Denton
Population Girls Only, 6th-8th Grades
Limits 24 / Camp
Cost No cost if camp is completed.


More information TBD.

Dates TBD
Location TBD
Population TBD
Limits TBD
Cost TBD